City of Okabena
Council Meeting
January 18th, 2022

The Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Brent Groen with the following present:  Council Members Lance Haberman, LeAnn Warner, and Eli Wass. Clerk Valerie Ling , Maintenance Darren Bloch, Blue Barn Manager  Brandon Powers and Joe Liepold from People Service.

Guests: Kris Ambuehl from Bollig Engineering

A motion was made by Brent and seconded by Lance to approve the agenda. Motion Carried. (3-0-0)

A motion was made by Brent and seconded by Lance to approve the minutes from the Dec 21st , 2021 meeting. Motion Carried. (3-0-0)

Kris Ambuehl, gave a presentation about Bollig Engineering, based out of Wilmar. They are a smaller engineering firm that specializes in funding and projects for cities throughout MN.

The People Service quarterly report was reviewed.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s report was reviewed-December

Darren from maintenance mentioned that the DNR grant is still being completed. Paul Langseth from Prairie Land trees will be helping us get a quote on cost of removal of ash trees throughout the city by the end of the week. The grant will be submitted on the 24th of January.

Darren from maintenance is looking at purchasing a street sweeping attachment for the Kubota this year and has received a couple different quotes. The prices range from nine to twelve thousand dollars.

Darren mentioned that the blower unit for the furnace at the Blue Barn is on back order and will be contacted when it becomes available.

Darren presented the bids for the shop building for heating options from Brewster Heating and Cooling and a quote for the overhead doors from Midwest Garage doors.

Following the discussion, a decision was made to accept both bids for the heating and doors for the city shop.

Blue Barn manager Brandon Powers stated that the HLO grant was submitted by Liz Brunk. The grant will be requesting new sinks that are in need of replacement. He also wanted to get any input for the Super Bowl party that will take place on February 13th. The Blue Barn will have snacks, buffet and possibly some drink specials.

Clerk Valerie Ling talked about the inventory at the Blue Barn needing to be updated and the preliminary audit went well with Cayla Hamm from Meulebroeck and Taubert Co.

LeAnn set a date for the next Quarterly inventory on March 28th at 8 am.

Joe Liepold talked about the storm sewer needs near St. Johns Lutheran. Darren and Joe will be performing some camera work to access the needs of repairs and will be working with St. Johns to get a plan in place this year to make the necessary repairs.

The People Service quarterly report was reviewed.

After a discussion about the presentation from Bollig Engineering a Motion was made to sign and accept Task Order 1. Clerk Valerie Ling will be in contact with Kris Ambuehl regarding the next steps

A motion was made by LeAnn and seconded by Lance to approve payment of the bills presented. Motion Carried. (3-0-0)

At this time the meeting was closed to the public.

Returning to the meeting and having no further business, a motion was made by Lance and seconded by LeAnn to adjourn. Motion Carried. (3-0-0)

Valerie Ling , Clerk/Treasurer
Brent Groen, Mayor

The next regular meeting will be held on Feb. 22nd at 7:00 pm .