February 2023 Newsletter



The 2023 recycling schedule from Waste Management is being sent to you in the mail. The residents in Okabena will have recycling picked up, on Thursday, during the gold-colored week.

                                         SUMMER RECREATION PROGRAM

In planning ahead for the recreation program this spring, the council is asking for help coaching the teams and for running the concession stand. If you would be interested or know someone who would be, please have them contact the city hall.


City Bill

Changes on monthly bill will be due to water for residents and non-residents went up $1.50 and the garbage went up a $1.00. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tamara at the City Hall. 1-507-853-4500

Just another reminder: Vehicles need to be off the city streets when the snowplows will be cleaning off the streets.

It will make their job so much easier.

You can put your vehicle back on the street after they have gone through.

Thank you.

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tamara Vortherms